Nature of Counseling
Psychotherapy is meant to:

  • help someone understand their problems and concerns from a psychological stand-point
  • process thoughts and feelings from past experiences that impact the present
  • understand how life context and external stressors impact current functioning
  • connect with their personal strengths and intuition
  • develop a plan for healing / change
  • assist with developing more effective methods of coping and managing life on a daily basis
  • help someone learn to use effective strategies to prevent return to unhealthy behaviors or ineffective coping strategies

When therapy is successful, a person should feel better able to face life's challenges using more healthy and effective coping mechanisms, without regularly scheduled sessions. Typically, clients start with weekly sessions and then cut back to biweekly as counseling goals are achieved. We will suggest that sessions continue for the time necessary to support a client in maintaining successful change. Sometimes clients continue with monthly or bimonthly maintenance sessions for a time or just schedule sessions as needed.

Counseling is a Collaborative Process
Effective therapy is conducted with continuing input from the client. Once we evaluate presenting problems, we work with the client to develop a treatment plan that prioritizes individual needs and outlines strategies to meet goals. This will guide us in knowing what to look for when therapy is complete. Progress is reviewed regularly in session and changes are made as needed.

Treatment completion is a collaborative decision that is planned for in advance so that the client may have the best healing and growth experience possible. It is important to discuss how a client has or has not changed, plan for future needs, and have closure with the therapeutic relationship.

If at any time a client is dissatisfied with the services he or she is receiving, we encourage discussion with the therapist. This will assist in resolving important issues with regard to the therapeutic process to create the most individualized and flexible therapy experience. Dr. Beyer Curry provides continuing clinical supervision for all therapists.

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